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Table 1 Overview of therapeutic elements of the mindful-compassion art therapy intervention model

From: A novel mindful-compassion art therapy (MCAT) for reducing burnout and promoting resilience for end-of-life care professionals: a waitlist RCT protocol

Session Topic Mindfulness meditation Visualization theme Art therapy activities
Week 1 Self-care Affectionate breathing Self-kindness Mandala of self-care / reflective art observations
Week 2 Stress management Compassionate body-scan Bodily stress Symbol of stress / transformative art-making
Week 3 Positive patient care Loving-kindness meditation Strengths and progress in patient care Symbol of strength / creative response writing
Week 4 Challenging patient care Loving-kindness meditation Weakness and stagnation in patient care Symbol of weakness / creative response writing
Week 5 Loss and grief Meditation on impermanence A patient’s death Symbol of grief / collective small group mural
Week 6 Professional purpose Meditation on giving and receiving compassion Wisdom learnt and meaning of work Mandala of meaning / collective large group mural