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Table 1 Overview of interventions

From: Self-injury: Treatment, Assessment, Recovery (STAR): online intervention for adolescent non-suicidal self-injury - study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Group affiliation


Both groups

Online psychoeducation:

- basic facts on NSSI, NSSI and emotions, NSSI and development, treatment for NSSI in terms of plain information

- static content

- dose of the psychoeducative intervention is determined by the user

- access for four months

Control group

Online psychoeducation

Intervention group

Online psychoeducation

Monitoring module:

- weekly assessments on NSSI and the use of skills for individual feedback

Add-on online CDP:

- access to 10 different sessions: (1) identifying resons for NSSI, getting to know skills; (2) promoting motivation; (3) getting to know and dealing with feelings; (4) establishing positive activities; (5) understanding the links between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and learning how to find a more helpful way of thinking; (6) identifying core beliefs and rules of living; (7) identifying coping strategies; (8) promoting assertiveness; (9) identifying strategies and skills that are based on the concepts of mindfulness and distress tolerance; (10) exploring triggers for NSSI, reviewing coping strategies

- techniques: chat and telephone calls with case managers, moderated group chat, exercises, videos, quizzes

- access for four months