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Table 5 Results of Google advertising campaigns

From: Recruitment of men to a multi-centre diabetes prevention trial: an evaluation of traditional and online promotional strategies

Campaign Date range Maximum cost per click bid1 # Clicks2 # Impressions3 Click-through rate4 Total cost5 Average cost per click
Diabetes prevention: Campaign 1 Jul 13—Oct 14 Auto6: $1.01 4940 46,325 10.66% $1040 $0.21
Diabetes prevention: Campaign 2 Oct 15 $2.00 684 4971 13.76% $356 $0.52
Nocturia campaign Oct 15—Dec 15 $3.00 315 5906 5.33% $535 $1.70
Total    5939 57,202 10% $1931 $0.33
  1. 1An amount set by the advertiser as the maximum amount they are willing to pay per click. The actual amount paid may be less than this depending on how much other advertisers have bid
  2. 2Number of times a user clicked on the link within an advertisement
  3. 3The number of times that an advertisement was shown on screen
  4. 4The number of times an ad was clicked on, divided by the total number of times the ad was shown
  5. 5All costs are expressed in Australian dollars. Costs have been adjusted for inflation and are expressed in June 2018 prices
  6. 6The maximum bid for this campaign was set automatically by Google AdWords to optimise results