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Table 3 Direct cost of recruitment strategies

From: Recruitment of men to a multi-centre diabetes prevention trial: an evaluation of traditional and online promotional strategies

Recruitment strategy2 Total direct cost1 Cost per screening Cost per randomisation
Radio advertising $451,705 $59 $1081
Mail-out by DHS $128,968 $40 $745
Community promotions $1223 N/A4 N/A4
Healthcare provider $12723 N/A4 N/A4
Facebook $10,029 N/A4 N/A4
Google advertising $1931 N/A4 N/A4
Mail-out by GP $1104 $23 $1104
Newspaper advertising $1941 $59 $1941
Football club promotion $1561 $312 N/A5
Total $598,633 $31 $594
  1. DHS Department of Human Services, GP general practitioner, N/A not applicable
  2. 1All costs are expressed in Australian dollars. Costs have been adjusted for inflation and are expressed in June 2018 prices
  3. 2Excluding strategies that did not involve any direct cost (TV, radio and newspaper news coverage, word of mouth)
  4. 3Cost of printing and posting posters. Community promotions and contact with healthcare providers was predominantly free of direct cost
  5. 4Where it was not possible to differentiate participants enrolled through paid and unpaid activities; for example, paid Facebook advertising vs unpaid sharing of Facebook posts, a cost per screening and randomisation is not reported
  6. 5No participants were randomised as a result of this strategy. The cost per randomisation could not be calculated