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Table 2 Procedures for intervention and control

From: Reducing provider workload while preserving patient safety via a two-way texting intervention in Zimbabwe’s voluntary medical male circumcision program: study protocol for an un-blinded, prospective, non-inferiority, randomized controlled trial

  Routine (Control) Intervention (2wT)
Day-0 routine VMMC registration and client intake forms X X
Day-0 VMMC surgery and counseling X X
Day-0 study consent X X
 In-person follow up   
 Routine day 2 X  
 Routine day 7 X  
 Study-specific day 14 X X
 Routine day 42 X  
Routine lost-to-follow-up tracing   
 Day 2 X X
 Day 7 X X
Daily texts days 1–13   X
MoHCC routine AE procedures   
 In-person, any day, follow up for suspicion of AE X X
 Emergency VMMC after-hours care X X
 AE identification X X
 AE severity grading X X
 AE management and treatment X X
 AE reporting on routine MoHCC forms X X
  1. VMMC voluntary medical male circumcision, 2wT two-way texting, MoHCC Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Care, AE adverse event