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Table 8 Participant observation of selected ETPB and MB groups

From: A realist process evaluation of Enhanced Triple P for Baby and Mellow Bumps, within a Trial of Healthy Relationship Initiatives for the Very Early years (THRIVE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Setting up

Getting there (transport), reception on arrival, comfort of room and facilities

What session is being delivered: content and materials, including how closely this complies with MB/ETPB packs/content of training

Who is delivering session?

How many mothers-to-be (and partners) in attendance?

Style of facilitator

How mothers-to-be/parents interact with each other

Facilitator/mother-to-be/parent interaction

Level and nature of participation

Facilitator style

Key mechanisms. How do participants react to these?

Response to any home-based tasks that may have been set between sessions

Atmosphere/dynamics of the group

What happens when the class ends?

Researcher’s role, as negotiated with facilitators and participants

  1. ETPB Enhanced Triple B for Baby, MB Mellow Bumps