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Table 4 Interviews with facilitators (Facilitator Time 2) examining experiences of delivering ETPB/ MB

From: A realist process evaluation of Enhanced Triple P for Baby and Mellow Bumps, within a Trial of Healthy Relationship Initiatives for the Very Early years (THRIVE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Describe experiences of delivering the intervention

Explore understanding what the sessions consist of and how this developed

Explore how closely the course content was adhered to

Did you face any challenges when running the group sessions?

Would you change anything about the interventions? If so, what and why?

Were there any barriers to women/partners engaging in the sessions? If so, what?

Who do they think group/individual sessions worked best for?

Explore training and any refresher sessions. Did it equip you to deliver the groups? What work did you have to do following training to enable you to deliver the interventions?

Experience of peer supervision (ETPB) or a supervisory process (MB)

  1. ETPB Enhanced Triple B for Baby, MB Mellow Bumps