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Table 3 Interviews with facilitators (Facilitator Time 1) examining key mechanisms and contextual factors

From: A realist process evaluation of Enhanced Triple P for Baby and Mellow Bumps, within a Trial of Healthy Relationship Initiatives for the Very Early years (THRIVE): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Tell me about your professional background and how your experience relates to current role
What attracted you to this role?
Previous experience of working with vulnerable families
How do you envisage working with mothers-to-be and their partners likely to be recruited to THRIVE?
Previous experience of delivering parenting groups
What do you hope to get out of training?
How do you feel about delivering MB or ETPB?
Any prior knowledge of, or experience of delivering, MB or Triple P?
Views of manager with regard to taking on this new role
  1. ETPB Enhanced Triple B for Baby, MB Mellow Bumps