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Table 2 ACT Raising Safe Kids Program intervention session content

From: The effects of two early parenting interventions on child aggression and risk for violence in Brazil (The PIÁ Trial): protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Session Session content
1 Pre Meeting: Motivation and Behavioural Changes
The benefits and objectives of the ACT program are explained and the rules of the group meetings are established. Parents are encouraged to think and discuss the dreams they have for their children
2 Learning Child Development and Understanding Children’s Behaviour
Helping parents/caregivers learn basic elements of child development and how to respond appropriately to their children’s behaviour
3 Young Children’s Exposure to Violence
Helping parents understand how children may be exposed to violence and the consequences it will have on their lives
4 Understanding and Controlling Parents/Adults’ Anger
Helping parents learn to control and deal with anger
5 Understanding and Helping Angry Children
Helping parents understand children’s feelings of anger, and learn how to teach them to control their feelings
6 Children and Electronic Media
Helping parents understand the impact of electronic media on their children’s behaviour, and show them some options on how to reduce children’s exposure to violence
7 Discipline and Parenting Style
Helping parents understand that the way they raise their children has an impact on their lifelong behaviour
8 Discipline for Positive Behaviours
Teaching parents how to prevent difficult behaviours and how to use positive ways of disciplining children
9 Parents as Teachers, Protectors and Advocates at Home and in the Community
Helping participants understand what they have learned from the ACT program, and that it is already helping them to make the dreams they have for their children come true. Encourage participants to use at home and in the community the tools they have learned and reinforce in parents their role as teachers, protectors and advocates for their children