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Table 4 For the first questionnaire, summary of responses about what was good about the trial

From: Women’s experiences of participating in a randomised trial comparing alternative policies for timing of cord clamping at very preterm birth: a questionnaire study

  Consent pathway Allocated group Sample of comments
Usual one-stage
n = 94
n = 28
Clamping ≥ 2 min
n = 64
≤ 20 s
n = 58
Good information and explanation 36 11 28 19 ‘Everything was explained at length so I personally knew exactly what was happening and how things went after the cord was clamped’
‘The way the information was given by friendly inspiring staff. The level of detail and thorough research into me as an individual regarding me being an eligible and safe candidate’
‘The information that was given was explained exceptionally well’
Caring and friendly staff 16 5 12 9 ‘The staff who explained the project were very friendly and took an interest in our family whilst we were waiting for our baby to be born’
‘The friendliness of the staff involved’
‘(name of member of staff) who has been lovely and supportive’
‘The reassurance given that mine and my son's health and well-being were the most important thing’
Benefit to baby 10 5 12 3 ‘I truly feel that keeping my baby attached to me made a huge difference to his health. He did not require too much help directly after birth and has so far done really well’
‘I felt that the trial helped my daughter get stronger everyday by allowing her the extra 30% of blood. I would definitely participate again’
‘My experience of joining the Cord Pilot Trial was an adventure because it could of helped my son and it did’
Benefit to others 12 3 9 6 ‘Trials like this are great and are for the health and well-being of babies. It is nice to have taken part in trials that will better the care for babies’
‘The thought that it could be helping other babies and their families’
‘Being part of a trial that could help future premature babies was comforting at an emotional time’
No pressure from staff 4 2 4 2 ‘I didn't feel pressured to participate’
‘I had the time to decide if I wanted to participate’
See baby for longer 4 3 1 ‘At the birth, seeing it in front of you, you understand why it is so important for mother and baby to be close together—bond not broken at birth’
‘In addition to my previous response the cord trial allowed us to observe our baby straight after birth and be reassured he was able to cope well outside the womb’
Other 9 4 9 4 ‘The good thing is I had a chance to join the trial and I got the knowledge from that trial. If I didn’t join I was not going to know anything about it’
‘Joining the trial was easy. It didn't take a lot of time and I didn't even feel like we was part of trial it felt very natural’
‘Being able to get a dvd of the baby’s first moments of life’