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Table 1 Details of the three treatment arms

From: The effectiveness of high intensity intermittent training on metabolic, reproductive and mental health in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: study protocol for the iHIT- randomised controlled trial

Intervention Details
Con Standard care consisting of basic exercise advice (150 min/week) with no supervised or structured exercise. We do not anticipate the control group will engage in a significant amount of exercise compared to their baseline physical activity levels without the addition of a structured exercise program [11]
SSE group Minimum physical activity recommendations (150 min per week) [40], in three supervised 50-min sessions/week of continuous moderate intensity exercise sessions of cycling at 50–60% HRR (~ 3.5 METs)
HIIT group Minimum vigorous physical activity recommendations (~ 75 min per week) [40], in three supervised sessions/week of HIIT exercise (cycling/running). Based on existing literature, pilot data [43] and patient consultation, we will use a practical weekly training program encompassing two successful HIIT protocols [16, 17, 55]: two sessions/week of short constant load cycling of 12 × 1 min at > 85% HRR (> 9 METs; [1 min HIIT]) with 1 min active recovery; one session/week of cycling 6–8 × 4 min at > 85% HRR (> 9 METS; [4 min HIIT]) with 2 min active recovery
  1. Con control- standard care, SSE supervised standard exercise, HIIT high-intensity intermittent training, min minutes, MET metabolic equivalent task, HRR heart rate reserve