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Table 2 Interview participants’ professional roles and anticipated role in RCT

From: Pre-trial qualitative work with health care professionals to refine the design and delivery of a randomised controlled trial on kidney care

Professional roles Participant IDs Sites Anticipated role in the trial
Conservative care nurses P1, P3 4 Delivering Prepare for conservative care
Palliative care nurses P2, P9 3 Delivering Prepare for conservative care
Renal consultants P4, P5, P7, P8, P10, P16 3, 4, 6 Identifying patients for the RCT (n = 6)
Trial principal investigator and trial co-applicant (n = 2), co-applicant (n = 2) or trial principal investigator only (n = 1)
Chronic kidney care nurses P6, P12, P14 1, 3 Delivering Prepare for dialysis
Renal education nurse P11 4 Introducing treatment pathways to patients (prior to the RCT)
Renal social worker/counsellor P13, P15 6 Delivering care or support within Prepare for conservative care
  1. RCT randomised controlled trial