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Table 4 Demographic data to be recorded in each case

From: What is the impact of mother’s bed incline on episodes of decreased oxygen saturation in healthy newborns in skin-to-skin contact after delivery: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

- Mother-related: age, country of origin, medical history of interest, parity, desire to breastfeed, increase in weight during pregnancy, body mass index, bra size (including cup size), a history of children who died, and medication consumed during the 72 h prior to delivery
- Delivery-related: date and time, duration, time of completion, spontaneous or induced, delivery position, epidural anesthesia, time of epidural, time the water broke, nuchal cord, episiotomy, artery and umbilical vein blood gas test, maternal medication during labor and 2 h afterwards.
- Neonate-related: sex, weight, gestational age, Apgar score, cord pH, presence of crying at birth, and time of the first breast latch