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Table 1 Clinical trial characteristics

From: How context can impact clinical trials: a multi-country qualitative case study comparison of diagnostic biomarker test interventions

  Case study
Chiang Rai (Thailand) Yangon (Myanmar) Hanoi (Vietnam)
Study population Febrile patients Febrile patients Patients with acute respiratory infections
Trial sample 1182 Participants (600 adults, 582 children) 1228 Participants (609 adults, 619 children) 2036 Participants (1008 adults, 1028 children)
CRP POCT usersa Nurses and public health technical officersb Medical doctors Medical doctors
Location Peri-urban Chiang Rai district Hlaing Tha Yar and Shwe Pyi Thar sub-urbs Rural and urban Hanoi
Study sites 6 Public primary healthcare centres 3 NGO clinics and 1 public hospital 9 Public primary healthcare centres (urban) and 1 public district hospital (rural)
  1. Source: Authors
  2. CRP POCT C-reactive protein point-of-care test, NGO non-governmental organisation
  3. a“Users” refers here to the healthcare workers who interpreted the test results. The trials involved dedicated study staff to operate the CRP POCT, which would not necessarily be the case in routine settings
  4. bFor simplicity, we will only refer to “nurses” when considering healthcare workers in Chiang Rai