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Table 4 Overview of the routine VMMC service (control arm) and the complex intervention arm as characterized and influenced by the DCE findings, by DCE attribute

From: Using discrete choice experiments to inform the design of complex interventions

Attributea Key DCE finding Control VMMC service intervention (approach to address issue) Community complement
Out-of-hours service Not significant No Upon request  
Service separation by age Age separated preferred Joint waiting areas Separate waiting areas  
Partner counselling Available preferred Not available Available Female-friendly information booths placed in community
HIV testing Available preferred Opt-out Opt-out (staff re-training to emphasize HIV testing not required) Reiteration of HIV testing not required for VMMC in messaging
Service provider genders Male providers preferred Both male and female Both male and female (staff re-training for client friendliness) Media emphasised staff professionalism
  1. DCE discrete choice experiment, VMMC voluntary medical male circumcision
  2. aIncentives were not considered as part of this intervention and were purely included in the DCE for exploratory analysis