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Table 3 Discrete choice experiment attributes and levels

From: Using discrete choice experiments to inform the design of complex interventions

Attribute Levels
Time of service Normal working hours and days
Extended hours and weekend services
Service separation Standard service with all clients together
Separate waiting areas for younger and older men
Separate services for younger and older men
HIV testing Opt-out
Not available
Gender of service provider Male and female
All male
All female
Female partner counselling Partner counselling offered in the community
No partner counselling offered
Incentives None
Transport voucher for 500 Tanzanian shillings (TzS)
Transport voucher for TzS 1500a
Transport voucher for TzS 4500
Lottery low (1/10 chance of winning TzS 5000)
Lottery medium (1/10 chance of winning TzS 15,000)
Lottery high (1/10 chance of winning TzS 45,000)b
  1. aTzS 500, TzS 1500 and TzS 4500 are roughly equivalent to US$0.30, US$0.90 and US$2.70 in 2015
  2. bThe expected values of the low and high incentives are equal across the transport voucher and lottery