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Table 2 Integrated formative research design

From: Using discrete choice experiments to inform the design of complex interventions

Qualitative research step   Added DCE step
1. Pilot testing in-depth interviews (IDIs) and participatory group discussions (PGDs)   (a) Debriefing qualitative research team; four rounds of pre-pilot individual interviews
  (b) Finalization of pilot tool and experimental design
2. Qualitative research data collection: (c) DCE pilot interviews (n = 50)
 Njombe: 10 PGDs and 15 IDIs (d) Analysis of pilot data to obtain prior utility estimates (priors) used to generate the efficient experimental design
 Tabora: 10 PGDs and 15 IDIs   
   (e) DCE survey:
    Njombe (n=159); Tabora (n=166)
3. Intervention design   (f) Present and interpret qualitative and DCE results to tailor final VMMC demand creation intervention
  1. DCE discrete choice experiment, VMMC voluntary medical male circumcision