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Table 2 The intervention illustrated by main features from the Template for Intervention Description and Replication (TIDieR) Checklist and Guide

From: Hospital based care at home; study protocol for a mixed epidemiological and randomized controlled trial

Brief name: outpatient treatment of pressure ulcer from home by teleSCI

Why: to improve the outpatient follow-up in persons with spinal cord injury (SCI) and pressure ulcer

What: outpatient pressure ulcer follow-up from the participant’s home, using videoconferencing as a tool to cooperate, compared to usual care. The therapy will be tailored from the specialized health care system to the participant’s home in cooperation with the local caregivers, with focus on wound healing, quality of life, cooperation, user participation, and costs

Who provided: the SCI wound team, consisting of a physician, a wound nurse, and an occupational therapist sited at Haukeland University Hospital and Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital. A plastic surgeon and an Ortopedic physician will be included in the wound team when necessary. The local caregivers will receive training via videoconferencing in how to treat and prevent pressure ulcer among the group of persons with spinal cord injury within the context of a clinical trial

How: using videoconferencing and remote control software to a laptop at the patient’s location

Where: from Haukeland University Hospital and Sunnaas Rehabilitation Hospital to the patient’s home

When/how much: the experimental intervention consists of pressure ulcer treatment guidance every second or third week until the pressure ulcer has healed, or a maximum of 52 weeks.