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Table 1 Measurement tools in studies 1 and 2

From: Hospital based care at home; study protocol for a mixed epidemiological and randomized controlled trial

What When Study tool Frequency
Study I 2017–18 Study 1 Form (EPJ)a Once
Study 2 Form (participant questionnaire) Once
Study II 2015–19 “Calculating cost data” Each consultation
Interdisciplinary Wound Journal Each consultation
TIMEb Each consultation
PWATc Each consultation
SF-12vd Baseline and 12 months/conclusion
EQ-5De Baseline and 12 months/conclusion
ISCI-QoL Data setf Baseline and 12 months/conclusion
SCIM IIIg Baseline and 12 months/conclusion
2018–2019 Observations, semi-structured interviews Once
  1. aEPJ electronic patient journal, bTIME Time Infection Moisture Edge assessment scale, cPWAT Photographic Wound Assessment Tool scale, dSF-12v The 12-item Short Form Survey, eEQ-5D Five Dimensions European Quality of Life scale, fISCI-QoL Data set The International Spinal Cord Injury Quality of Life Data set, gSCIM III The Spinal Cord Injury Measurement scale, version III