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Table 1 Definition of patient and public involvement (PPI) used in this survey

From: Patient and public involvement (PPI) in UK surgical trials: a survey and focus groups with stakeholders to identify practices, views, and experiences

By ‘PPI’ we mean researchers consulting with or working alongside members of the public, patients, service users, and/or carers in all or any part(s) of the research process, including the choice of research topic, design, planning, conduct, and/or dissemination of research. In this survey we refer to these people as ‘PPI contributors’.
PPI contributors may be, for example, grant co-applicants, members of the Trial Steering Committee or Trial Management Group, members of a patient or lay advisory panel, or participants in a trial-specific consultation exercise such as a focus group, survey, or interviews. Consultation exercises may or may not use formal research methods.
By ‘PPI’, we do not mean researchers recruiting people to be participants in the trial, or researchers disseminating information about the trial to patients or the public.