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Table 2 Outcome domains and measurement instruments

From: Virtual reality gait training versus non-virtual reality gait training for improving participation in subacute stroke survivors: study protocol of the ViRTAS randomized controlled trial

Outcome domain Measurement instrument Abbreviation T0 T1 T2
Participation Utrecht Scale for Evaluation of Rehabilitation-Participation USER-P X X X
Subjective physical functioning Stroke Impact Scale-16 SIS-16 X X X
Fatigue Fatigue Severity Scale FSS X X X
Anxiety and depression Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale HADS X X X
Falls efficacy Falls Efficacy Scale International FES-I X X X
Quality of life Stroke Specific Quality of Life Scale SS-QOL X X X
Walking ability Six-minute walking test 6-MWT X X X
Functional mobility Timed-up & Go TUG X X X
Walking activity Accelerometer monitoring (5 days)   X X X
  1. T0: baseline, T1: post intervention (6 weeks), T2: follow-up (3 months post intervention)