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Table 1 Permitted local variations to the PASTA pathway

From: Paramedic Acute Stroke Treatment Assessment (PASTA): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

PASTA component Core content expected to be delivered Local variation permitted
Information Must use PASTA format Any clinical information collection system (paper/electronic)
Pre-notification Must be performed for all PASTA admissions Paramedic call to ED
Paramedic call to HASU
Dispatch call to ED
Dispatch call to HASU
Pre-notification may or may not include patient-identifiable information
Handover Must follow study format Occurs in most suitable area for rapid handover and registration
Receiving hospital team are ED and/or stroke service clinicians
May include other relevant information for individual patients
Scan Paramedic assists with transfer to scan if < 15 min since handover Any appropriate hospital clinician accompanies patient
Any brain imaging modality which would assist treatment decisions
Transfer by ambulance or hospital trolley as long as no delay incurred
Assist Patient transferred off ambulance trolley onto hospital trolley
Paramedic offers assistance for initial tasks
Ambulance crew prepares for departure
Team may not require assistance for each  or all task(s)
Ambulance operational conditions may shorten paramedic stay
Checklist Paramedic enquires about progress from any hospital team member at 15 min since handover Checklist completion should reflect usual local service procedures (e.g. telemedicine specialist review)
Feedback Paramedic seeks feedback about provisional diagnosis and onset time Any member of hospital team can provide feedback
Paramedic can seek feedback on any aspect of the assessment
The hospital team may not (yet) be able to provide feedback