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Table 1 Examples of text messages (SMS) sent to patients in the intervention group

From: Smoking cessation opportunities in severe mental illness (tobacco intensive motivational and estimate risk — TIMER—): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Wanting to smoke is temporary, but the damage to your lungs is permanent – Which kind of suffering do you want to choose?
The pleasure of breathing in deeply and enjoying a beautiful spring morning would be easier with cleaner lungs. How about trying it?
Did that little run down the street leave you breathless? Ever thought about giving up smoking? Life is much more bearable with clean lungs.
If your lungs could speak, they’d be really angry at how you are treating them. It’s up to you – you can make your life better.
Better health and lung capacity, more cash to spend and less smelly clothes. That’s what you gain when you give up smoking. Difficult to imagine giving up? You’re not alone! Come and see us and we’ll plan it together.