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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Efficacy and mechanisms of combined aerobic exercise and cognitive training in mild cognitive impairment: study protocol of the ACT trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
a) A clinical, consensus diagnosis of aMCI (mono-domain or multi-domain):
 ◦ 18 ≤ Montreal Cognitive Assessment score ≤ 26 (education-corrected)
 ◦ Memory deficits: at least 1 standard deviation below age- and/or education-corrected population norms on Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test
 ◦ Preserved activity of daily living: Activities of Daily Living-Prevention Instrument score < 30
 ◦ Absence of dementia
 ◦ A consensus clinical diagnosis of MCI (using 2011 Alzheimer’s association-NIA criteria) by the investigators
b) Community-dwelling, e.g., homes and assisted living
c) Age 65 years and older
d) English-speaking
e) Adequate visual acuity for testing
f) Verified exercise safety
g) Stable on drugs affecting cognition > 3 months, if on these drugs
h) Verfied MRI scan safety
i) Capacity to consent
a) Geriatric Depression Scale score > 5, with contextual evidence suggesting unstable major depression or psychiatric disorders such as taking antidepressant less than 3 months
b) Resting HR ≤ 50 due to arrhythmia or ≥ 100 beats/min
c) Neurologic, psychiatric, or substance abuse disorders in past 5 years that are the main contributor to MCI
d) ACSM contraindications to exercise
e) New, unevaluated symptoms or diseases
f) Current enrollment in another intervention study
g) Abnormal MRI findings
  1. ACSM American College of Sports Medicine, HR heart rate, MCI mild cognitive impairment, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, NIA National Institute on Aging