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Table 2 Patient demographics and hip characteristics

From: Femoroacetabular Impingement Randomised controlled Trial (FIRST) - a multi-centre randomized controlled trial comparing arthroscopic lavage and arthroscopic osteochondroplasty on patient important outcomes and quality of life in the treatment of young adult (18–50 years) femoroacetabular impingement: a statistical analysis plan

  Treatment X
n =
Treatment Y
n =
Patient characteristics
 Age, mean (SD)   
 Gender, n (%)   
 Ethnicity, n (%)   
 Smoking history, n (%)   
  Never smoked   
  Current smoker   
  Former smoker   
 Alcohol consumption, n (%)   
  No alcohol at baseline   
  0.5–2 drinks/week   
  3–5 drinks/week   
  6–10 drinks/week   
  11+ drinks/week   
 Current medications, n (%)   
  Intra-articular injection   
  Etc…. (as per available data)   
 Co-morbidities, n (%)   
  Back pain   
  Etc… (as per available data)   
 BMI, n (%)   
  Underweight < 18.5   
  Normal weight 18.5–24.9   
  Overweight 25–29.9   
  Obese 30–39.9   
  Morbidly obese 40 or greater   
 Weightbearing status, n (%)   
  Full weightbearing   
  Partial weightbearing   
 Baseline sport activity, n (%)   
Hip characteristics
 Affected hip, n (%)   
 Location of hip pain, n (%)   
  Groin and lateral   
  Groin and posterior   
  Lateral and posterior   
  Groin and lateral and posterior   
 Onset of symptoms, n (%)   
 Tonnis and Heinecke classification, n (%)   
  Grade 0   
  Grade 1   
  Grade 2   
  Grade 3   
 Labral tears present, n (%)   
  Anterior and posterior   
  Anterior and superior/lateral   
  Posterior and superior/lateral   
 Herniation pits present, n (%)   
  1. NSAID non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, BMI body mass index