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Table 3 Primary and secondary outcome measures

From: A community-based intervention (Young SMILES) to improve the health-related quality of life of children and young people of parents with serious mental illness: randomised feasibility protocol

Outcome Measured by/using
Primary outcome
 Health-related quality of life The Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory and KIDSCREEN
Secondary outcomes
 Child psychopathology and prosocial behaviour Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
 Symptoms of common mental health problems Revised Child Anxiety and Depression Scale
 Knowledge and perceptions about serious mental illness (mental health literacy) Mental Health Literacy Questionnaire
 Parenting competencies Arnold-O’Leary Parenting Scale
 Degree and cause of stress in a parent–child relationship Parenting Stress Index/Short Form
 Incremental health gain in quality-adjusted life years Child Health Utility 9D
 Resource use Child and Adolescent Service Use Schedule
 Children and young people, parent and facilitator acceptability Qualitative interviews