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Table 1. Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Conservative therapy for the treatment of patients with somatic tinnitus attributed to temporomandibular dysfunction: study protocol of a randomised controlled trial

Inclusion Exclusion
Subjective tinnitus > 3 months Clear otological or neurological causes of the tinnitus
AND one of the following present: Severe depression
  • Tinnitus association with manipulation of the teeth or jaw Progressive middle ear pathology
  • Temporal coincidence of onset or increase of both TMD pain and tinnitus Intracranial pathology
  • Increase of tinnitus during inadequate postures during rest, walking, working or sleeping Traumatic cervical spine or temporomandibular injury in the past 6 months
  • Intense bruxism and/or clenching periods during the day or night Tumours
  Previous surgery in the orofacial area
  Substance abuse that may affect the outcome measures
  TMD treatment is contra-indicated
  Already received TMD treatment in past 2 months
  1. TMD temporomandibular disorders