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Table 6 The CONSORT-SPI Group

From: Reporting randomised trials of social and psychological interventions: the CONSORT-SPI 2018 Extension

Member Organisation
Project Executive
 Sean Grant RAND Corporation
 Sally Hopewell University of Oxford
 Evan Mayo-Wilson Johns Hopkins University
 Susan Michie University College London
 David Moher Ottawa Health Research Institute
 Paul Montgomery University of Birmingham
 Geraldine Macdonald University of Bristol
International Advisory Board
 Stakeholder Representatives of Behavioural and Social Science Disciplines
  J. Lawrence Aber New York University
  David Clark University of Oxford
  Manuel Eisner University of Cambridge
  Frances Gardner University of Oxford
  Steve Hollon Vanderbilt University
  Lawrence Sherman University of Cambridge
  James Thomas UCL Institute of Education
  Elizabeth Waters (deceased) University of Melbourne
  Joanne Yaffe University of Utah
 Stakeholder Representatives of Intervention Research Methodologists
  Andrew Booth University of Sheffield
  Peter Craig University of Glasgow
  Larry Hedges Northwestern University
 Stakeholder Representatives of Journals
  Doug Altman Trials
  Mark W. Fraser Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research
  Spyros Konstantopoulos Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness
  Kenneth McLeroy American Journal of Public Health
  Arthur Nezu Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
  Edmund Sonuga-Barke Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
  Gary VandenBos American Psychologist
  Robert West Addiction
 Stakeholder Representatives of Research Funders
  Robert Kaplan Office of Behavioural and Social Sciences Research
  Peter Kaufmann National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  Brian Mittman Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute