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Table 1 Demographic and routine clinical data for collection

From: Acceptability of the method of administration of a patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) with stroke survivors, a randomised controlled trial protocol

Demographic data Routinely collected clinical data
Date of birth
Classification of stroke:
Cerebral Infarct (ICD I63)
Cerebrovascular Haemorrhage (ICD I61)
Stroke – not specified as Haemorrhage or Infarction (ICD I64)
Sex Date of index event (date of stroke)
Individual National Institutes of Health Stroke Score (NIHSS) on admission:
District-level postcode –
First 3–4 digits of a UK post code
  Treated with thrombolysis?
Yes / No
  Modified Rankin Score on discharge or transfer from stroke unit:
  Clinically confirmed diagnosis of aphasia as sequela of ICD I63, I61 or I64?: (data collected at 3 sites within a single Health Board only)
Yes / No