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Table 3 Scheme for Performance-Based Payments per participant visit for a typical D2d site that is projected to enroll (i.e., randomize) and follow 125 participants

From: Financial management of large, multi-center trials in a challenging funding milieu

  Per participant visit reimbursement
Visit % of total Performance-Based Payment amount US$
Month 00 (randomization) 20 982
Month 6 6 295
Month 12 20 982
Month18 6 295
Month 24 20 982
Month 30 6 295
Month 36 22 1081
Total 100 4912a
Month 42b 6 295
Month 48b 22 1081
  1. aTotal site-specific Performance-Based Payment amount per enrolled participant who completes all seven scheduled study visits, month 00 to month 36 (see also text and Table 2). While the actual amount paid per participant visit varied by site (column 3), the percent of the total Performance-Based Payment amount allocated in each visit (column 2) was identical for all sites
  2. bVisits beyond month 36 (month 42, etc.) are not included in the total site-specific Performance-Based Payment calculations because the average participant is expected to be followed for 36 months. A site that enrolls participants early in the recruitment period and follows these participants beyond month 36 will be reimbursed for additional visits (e.g., month 42 and month 48) in the same way as other similar visits (e.g., month 30 and month 36)