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Table 2 Study condition with number of sessions and total cost estimate to deliver each condition

From: Optimizing a community-engaged multi-level group intervention to reduce substance use: an application of the multiphase optimization strategy

Experimental conditions CD QLW CBP Facilitator Sessions (number) Costa
1 Yes Yes Yes Licensed 15 US$3000
2 Yes Yes Yes Peer 15 US$2235
3 Yes Yes No Licensed 15 US$3000
4 Yes Yes No Peer 15 US$2235
5 Yes No Yes Licensed 15 US$3000
6 Yes No Yes Peer 15 US$2235
7 Yes No No Licensed 9 US$1800
8 Yes No No Peer 9 US$1341
9 No Yes Yes Licensed 9 US$1800
10 No Yes Yes Peer 9 US$1341
11 No Yes No Licensed 15 US$3000
12 No Yes No Peer 15 US$2235
13 No No Yes Licensed 9 US$1800
14 No No Yes Peer 9 US$1341
15 No No No Licensed 3 US$600
16 No No No Peer 3 US$447
  1. CD critical dialogue, QLW quality-of-life-wheel, CB capacity building project
  2. aThis amount was calculated by adding facilitator cost to the session cost and multiplied by the number of sessions in each component