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Table 2 The count of strata incorporated within the block-randomised 1:1 hypothermia / normothermia treatment allocation schedule

From: Statistical analysis plan for the POLAR-RCT: The Prophylactic hypOthermia trial to Lessen trAumatic bRain injury-Randomised Controlled Trial

Pre-hospital Stratum no. Hospital region Stratum no.
Yesa 1 Victoriaa 5
Yesa 2 Western Australiaa 6
Yesa 3 Queenslanda 7
Yesa 4 Francea 8
No   Switzerland 9
No   Saudi Arabia 10
No   Qatar 11
No   Auckland 12
No   Waikato 13
  1. aParticipating pre-hospital ambulance services and their relevant regional hospitals within each of these Australia states and France were each included as separate strata within the computerised generation of randomisation envelopes