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Table 1 Mindfulness program weekly schedule

From: Feasibility of an online mindfulness-based program for patients with melanoma: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Educational components Weekly video topics (length of video in seconds) Formal practice—twice daily meditations Informal practice—practice during daily activities
Week 1 Introduction to mindfulness • Welcome (27)
• What is mindfulness (105)
• How can mindfulness help (53)
• Example of a meditation practice (141)
• Debriefing the meditation practice (55)
• Practice of the week (25)
Body scan (5 min) Practise being present, noticing moments of being mindful
Week 2 Reducing stress with mindfulness • Reflecting on last week (28)
• The stress response (96)
• What happened to the body during the stress response (89)
• How can mindfulness help (50)
• Practice of the week (88)
Breath and body (5 min) Noticing when feeling stressed, how the body is responding, what sort of thought activated the stress
Week 3 Relating mindfully to emotions • Emotions (28)
• Mindful ways to regulate your emotions (193)
• Practice of the week (28)
Working mindfully with emotions (10 min) Noticing when caught up in emotions and practising coming back to the present moment
Week 4 Self-compassion • Self-criticism (126)
• Self-compassion (68)
• Where does mindfulness come in (34)
• Practice of the week (44)
Body, breath and sound (10 min) Noticing when involved in self-criticism and practise using self-compassion
Week 5 Communicating mindfully • Communication (93)
• Practice of the week (51)
Body, breath, sound and thoughts (10 min) During conversation, notice when the mind is caught up with other thoughts. Practise bringing attention back to the conversation
Week 6 Living mindfully • The mindful pause (40)
• Everyday mindfulness (52)
• Meditation practice (29)
• An ongoing experience (62)
Tuning into your surroundings (10 min) Pause throughout the day (1-min practice). Get into the habit of watching the contents of your mind