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Table 1 Intervention details of both groups

From: Efficacy and safety of electroacupuncture for post stroke depression: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  EA group Sham EA group
Acupoints DU20, EX-HN1
BL18, SP6, LR3
DU20, EX-HN1
BL18, SP6, LR3
Needle penetration DU20, EX-HN1: 10 mm
BL18, SP6, LR3: 15 mm
No needle penetration
Needle stimulation De-qi sensation No de-qi sensation
Electrostimulation Current frequency: 2/100 Hz No electrostimulation
Needle retention time 30 minutes 30 minutes
Treatment tools Stainless steel needles and a PG-306 electroacupuncture device A Park Sham Device with a PG-306 electric pulse generator with a cut wire inside
Treatment frequency and duration Three sessions per week, 4 weeks Three sessions per week, 4 weeks
  1. Abbreviations: BL18 Ganshu, DU20 Baihui, EA, Electroacupuncture, EX-HN1 Sishencong, LR3 Taichong, SP6 Sanyinjiao