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Table 6 Features to consider in appraising whether clinical research is useful (retrieved from Ioannides [60])

From: The Strengthening Exercises in Shoulder Impingement trial (The SExSI-trial) investigating the effectiveness of a simple add-on shoulder strengthening exercise programme in patients with long-lasting subacromial impingement syndrome: Study protocol for a pragmatic, assessor blinded, parallel-group, randomised, controlled trial

Feature Question to ask
Problem base Is there a health problem that is big/important enough to fix?
Context placement Has prior evidence been systematically assessed to inform (the need for) new studies?
Information gain Is the proposed study large and long enough to be sufficiently informative?
Pragmatism Does the research reflect real life? If it deviates, does this matter?
Patient centeredness Does the research reflect top patient priorities?
Value for money Is the research worth the money?
Feasibility Can this research be done?
Transparency Are methods, data and analyses verifiable and unbiased?