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Table 5 Between group difference in change scores (95% CI)

From: The Strengthening Exercises in Shoulder Impingement trial (The SExSI-trial) investigating the effectiveness of a simple add-on shoulder strengthening exercise programme in patients with long-lasting subacromial impingement syndrome: Study protocol for a pragmatic, assessor blinded, parallel-group, randomised, controlled trial

  Week 0 to 5
(95% CI)
Week 5 to 10
(95% CI)
Week 10 to 16
(95% CI)
Week 0 to 16
(95% CI)
SPADI score     
Abduction MVC     
External rotation MVC     
Abduction ROM     
Pain last week     
QoL (EQ-5D)     
  1. CG control group, IG intervention group, MVC maximum voluntary contraction, QoL quality of life, ROM range of movement, SPADI Shoulder Pain and Disability Index