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Table 2 Intervention scope and sequence

From: Recruitment of racial and ethnic minorities to clinical trials conducted within specialty clinics: an intervention mapping approach

Module Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5
Month 1 2 3 4 5
In person Webinar Webinar Webinar Webinar
Title Kick-off
Working with referring Physicians CQI: developing a
minority recruitment plan
Communicating with
Participant navigation
(coordinators only)
Content Presentation: a brief overview of the
RECRUIT interventiona

Discussion: disparities in
morbidity/mortality of diseasea

Presentation: importance of minority
recruitment: the NIH and FDA

Presentation: importance of minority
participation: biologic aspectsa

Discussion: differences in treatment
outcomes for minorities

Presentation: what we know and do not know about minority recruitment

Presentation: importance of trust and
relationship building in recruiting minority patients

Presentation: introduction to continuous quality improvement (CQI) for minority recruitment

Activity: flowchart of current
recruitment process

Activity: fishbone diagram of low
referrals from minority serving physicians
Activity: CQI updates and potential physician referral sources by site
(SI or coordinator)

Presentation: barriers to
referrals and physician-centered communication

Video and discussion:
Physician-to-physician communication video
Activity: site
(SI or coordinator)
present their fishbone diagram

Activity: site
(SI or coordinator) share their site’s CQI minority recruitment plan
Activity: site
(SI or coordinator)
discusses CQI update

Presentation: recap on communicating with minority-serving physicians

Presentation: patient-centered communication

Video and discussion:
patient communication

Video and discussion:
Participant’s fear of
experimentation (“guinea pig”)
Activity: Coordinators
discuss CQI updates

Discussion: take-home activity on communication styles

Presentation: how can
coordinators become
recruitment navigators?

Video and discussion:
participant navigation

Discussion: what is
currently done at your site and what could be added to help patients overcome structural barriers to
Take home
Schedule a meeting with the rest of the trial team and review material from the meeting
Revise fishbone if needed

Finding your patients worksheet

CQI minority recruitment plan worksheet

Review map of minority-dense areas within their communities to identify minority-serving physicians
Revise minority recruitment plan

SIs to make personal contact with at least two potential referring minority-serving physicians
Revise and implement your minority recruitment plan Develop Q&A sheet for
potential participants about enrolling in the trial

Continue to implement and revise your minority recruitment plan

Coordinators: communications style assessment (optional)
Navigation resources
  1. NIH National Institutes of Health, FDA Food and Drug Agency, SI specialist investigator, Q&A question and answer
  2. aContent can be customized to the condition under study by the clinical trial