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Table 2 Intervention scope and sequence

From: Recruitment of racial and ethnic minorities to clinical trials conducted within specialty clinics: an intervention mapping approach

Module Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5
Month 1 2 3 4 5
Delivery method In person Webinar Webinar Webinar Webinar
Title Kick-off meeting Working with referring Physicians CQI: developing a minority recruitment plan Communicating with participants Participant navigation (coordinators only)
Content Presentation: a brief overview of the RECRUIT interventionaDiscussion: disparities in morbidity/mortality of diseaseaPresentation: importance of minority recruitment: the NIH and FDA perspective ᅟ Presentation: importance of minority participation: biologic aspectsaDiscussion: differences in treatment outcomes for minorities ᅟ Presentation: what we know and do not know about minority recruitment ᅟ Presentation: importance of trust and relationship building in recruiting minority patients ᅟ Presentation: introduction to continuous quality improvement (CQI) for minority recruitment ᅟ Activity: flowchart of current recruitment process ᅟ Activity: fishbone diagram of low referrals from minority serving physicians Activity: CQI updates and potential physician referral sources by site representative (SI or coordinator) ᅟ Presentation: barriers to referrals and physician-centered communication ᅟ Video and discussion: Physician-to-physician communication video Activity: site representative (SI or coordinator) present their fishbone diagram ᅟ Activity: site representative (SI or coordinator) share their site’s CQI minority recruitment plan Activity: site representative (SI or coordinator) discusses CQI update ᅟ Presentation: recap on communicating with minority-serving physicians ᅟ Presentation: patient-centered communication ᅟ Video and discussion: patient communication ᅟ Video and discussion: Participant’s fear of experimentation (“guinea pig”) Activity: Coordinators discuss CQI updates ᅟ Discussion: take-home activity on communication styles ᅟ Presentation: how can coordinators become recruitment navigators? ᅟ Video and discussion: participant navigation ᅟ Discussion: what is currently done at your site and what could be added to help patients overcome structural barriers to recruitment
Take home activity Schedule a meeting with the rest of the trial team and review material from the meeting Revise fishbone if needed ᅟ Finding your patients worksheet ᅟ CQI minority recruitment plan worksheet ᅟ Review map of minority-dense areas within their communities to identify minority-serving physicians Revise minority recruitment plan ᅟ SIs to make personal contact with at least two potential referring minority-serving physicians Revise and implement your minority recruitment plan Develop Q&A sheet for potential participants about enrolling in the trial ᅟ Continue to implement and revise your minority recruitment plan ᅟ Coordinators: communications style assessment (optional) Navigation resources worksheet
  1. NIH National Institutes of Health, FDA Food and Drug Agency, SI specialist investigator, Q&A question and answer
  2. aContent can be customized to the condition under study by the clinical trial