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Table 1 Intervention social cognitive theory (SCT) determinants, methods and practical applications

From: Recruitment of racial and ethnic minorities to clinical trials conducted within specialty clinics: an intervention mapping approach

SCT determinants Theoretical methods Practical applications
Knowledge • Discussiona • Discussion with specialist investigators and coordinators at in person meeting and subsequent webinars
• Elaborationa • Specialist investigators prompted to discuss clinical experiences relating to differences in outcomes by race and ethnicity
Skills and
• Modelingb • Videos
• Skills trainingb • In person meeting
• Continuous quality improvement (CQI) training
• Group work: mapping recruitment process and completion of fishbone diagram
• Web-based educational modules (communication, navigation, CQI)
• Feedbackc • Reports (on screening, recruitment and patient satisfaction)
• Individual follow-up calls
• Group calls with other sites
• Goal settingc • Minority recruitment plan
• Verbal persuasionb • Videos
• Individual follow-up calls
• Active learningb • Individual follow-up calls
• Videos
• Web-based educational modules
• Persuasive communicationb • Presentations at in-person meeting
• Web-based educational modules
• Individualizationd • Individual follow-up calls
Outcome expectations • Modelingb • Videos
• Group calls with other sites
• Active learningb • In-person meeting
• Web-based educational modules
  1. aTheory of information processing
  2. bSocial cognitive theory
  3. cGoal setting theory
  4. dTrans-theoretical model