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Table 2 Primary and secondary outcomes and data collection

From: EEPIC - Enhancing Employability through Positive Interventions for improving Career potential: the impact of a high support career guidance intervention on the wellbeing, hopefulness, self-efficacy and employability of the long-term unemployed - a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Outcomes Method of collection Assessment Baseline (t0) Post Intervention (t1) 6-month follow-up (t2)
Primary outcome Increased wellbeing General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) x x x
Satisfaction with Life scale x x x
Secondary outcomes Self-esteem Rosenberg Self-Esteem Questionnaire x x x
Career self-efficacy Career Self Efficacy Questionnaire x x x
Resilience Brief Resilience Scale x x x
Hopefulness State Hope Scale x x x
Perceived progress towards the labour marketa Cantril’s Self-Anchoring Laddera    x
Re-employment or labour market participation    x x
Re-employment quality Job satisfaction   x x
Job sustainability   x x
Level of earnings   x x
Access to education / vocational training    x x
  1. aPerceived progress towards the labour market is collected by the guidance practitioner during the intervention/ usual service, at a minimum of two time points, i.e. first appointment and last appointment