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Table 1 Aspects of service as usual vs intervention

From: EEPIC - Enhancing Employability through Positive Interventions for improving Career potential: the impact of a high support career guidance intervention on the wellbeing, hopefulness, self-efficacy and employability of the long-term unemployed - a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Aspects of service Service as usual Intervention
Profile form detailing individual needs and barriers to progression   x
Tailored career guidance process   x
Career plan – with short- and long-term goals (agreed after the guidance process)   x
Stated importance of relationship building between client and practitioner   x
Personal progression plan (agreed at 1st meeting) x  
Implementation of career plan with support of guidance practitioner   x
Review meetings x x
Timing of meetings Indicated by PEX profiling score Indicated by need as identified by practitioner/client
Number of meetings 3–4 over 6-month period 3–6 over 6-month period