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Table 1 Population criteria

From: Controlled Education of patients after Stroke (CEOPS)- nurse-led multimodal and long-term interventional program involving a patient’s caregiver to optimize secondary prevention of stroke: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
Patients over 40 years of age
Patients who have had a first stroke, transient or permanent, ischemic or hemorrhagic, justifying hospitalization
Patients with high blood pressure already treated or discovered at the time of the stroke and justifying the start of treatment
Patients who have had a stroke with sequelae allowing immediate return home or justifying a stay of less than 1 month in rehabilitation
Patient having a member of his social circle who has agreed to provide follow up for 2 years in association with the assigned nursing personnel in case of randomization into the “optimized follow up” group
Exclusion criteria
Patients below 40 years of age
Patients with a history of stroke
Patients who do not have high blood pressure discovered by treatment prior to the stroke or by abnormal blood pressure during hospitalization
Patients who have had a stroke causing serious sequelae, justifying an extended stay in a rehabilitation department
Patient who has no one in their social circle capable of working with the assigned nursing personnel, or patient living in an institution