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Table 1 Overview of topics covered by the intervention per session

From: Effectiveness of a transdiagnostic individually tailored Internet-based and mobile-supported intervention for the indicated prevention of depression and anxiety (ICare Prevent) in Dutch college students: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Session Topic
1 Introduction, technical aspects, goal-setting, and behavioral activation in the context of basic psychological needs and important personal values
2 Identifying problems and tackling them through behavioral activation
3 Psychoeducation on depression and anxiety
4 Cognitive restructuring and challenging negative thoughts
5 Identifying the most prominent complaints and accordingly follow either:
  a) problem-solving strategies for more prominent depressive complaintsb) exposure strategies for more prominent anxiety complaints
6 Deepening the training on the route chosen in session 5
7 Making a plan for the future
8 Booster session (four weeks after session 7)