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Table 1 Summary of weekly topics [30]

From: Evaluating the long-term impact of the Fostering Changes training programme for foster carers in Wales, the Confidence in Care trial: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Week Contents: topics covered
1 Establishing the group
How children thrive
Experiences of looked-after children
Developmental stages
Tracking and observing behaviour
2 Context of behaviour
Attachment: child and carer
Social learning theory
ABC: triggers and pay-offs
3 Praise
Needs and behaviour
Positive strategies
Targeting an alternative behaviour
4 Positive attention
Praise for education
Praise to support learning
Praise for being or doing
5 Communication skills
Communicating with looked-after children
Identifying communication skills
Regulating emotions
When listening is difficult
Reflective listening and questions
6 Context of education
Context of education
Creating a good learning environment
Supporting homework
Positive strategies
7 Reading friendly
Expressing feelings
Reading friendly
8 Giving instructions and ignoring
Good instructions
9 Discipline
Positive discipline
Family rules
Natural and logical consequences
10 Time out and problem solving
Attending more than one child
Time out
Problem solving
Stop – plan – go
11 Endings and review
Capturing your child’s time with you
Precious things
Facilitating positive endings
Fostering flower power
Attending recap – more than one child
12 Relaxation and going forward
Taking care of yourself
Stop – plan – go: future strategies
What I appreciate about you
Certificate giving
Final party