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Table 5 Assumed prevalence for primary outcomes for calculations of sample size

From: eRegQual—an electronic health registry with interactive checklists and clinical decision support for improving quality of antenatal care: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial

Outcome measure Control group prevalence
Adverse pregnancy outcomes: composite of any of the five conditions below, accounting for coexistence of conditions in 10% of women 0.145
1. Moderate or severe anemia at admission for labor 0.0225
2. Large-for-gestational age baby at delivery 0.054
3. Small-for-gestational age baby at delivery undetected during pregnancy 0.057
4. Malpresentation at delivery undetected during pregnancy 0.02
5. Severe hypertension at admission for labor 0.01
Process (adherence) outcomes 0.40–0.60