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Table 1 List of working definitions describing different components constituting intervention and the delivery platform

From: eRegQual—an electronic health registry with interactive checklists and clinical decision support for improving quality of antenatal care: study protocol for a cluster randomized trial

Term Working definition
eRegistries Electronic registries (eRegistries) are systems using information and communication technologies for the systematic longitudinal collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, and dissemination of uniform information on health determinants and outcomes of individual persons, to serve healthcare services, health surveillance, health education, knowledge, and research [10].
Interactive checklists Interactive checklists are checklists delivered on electronic platforms. eRegistry’s interactive checklists integrate individualized decision support for daily clinical procedures, diagnosis, management, and referral routines in response to systematic point-of-care data entry by healthcare providers [10].
Clinical decision support system An electronic system designed to aid directly in clinical decision making, in which characteristics of individual patients are used to generate case-specific assessments or recommendations that are then presented to clinicians for consideration [33].