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Table 1 Home-based resistance exercise intervention

From: Exercise intervention for unilateral amputees with low back pain: study protocol for a randomised, controlled trial

Exercise Description Progression of exercise
Plank Prone lying static position with participant’s weight resting on their forearms while holding their body in a straight line from head to toe. Hold this position, with good form, for as long as possible Progress to an unstable surface/instability disk
Seated resisted back extensiona While seated, place feet into band loops. Have participants pull end loops of the band and create an “X” in front of them. Fold and raise arms to shoulder height. Participants will bend their trunk forward at the waist and return to a “straight back” seated position Progress to an increased resistance band level
Trunk rotary stabilizationa With resistance band anchored at chest level, create tension with band. While standing in line with the band, fully extend arm out to participant’s side at about 30°. Use other hand to push the band forward while maintaining stability in participant’s core. Hold this position for 2–3 s and return to starting position to repeat Progress to an increased resistance band level
Leg extensionsa While standing, place feet into band loops with one seal between them. With feet hip width apart, participants will center their balance onto one leg. Keeping one leg straight, slowly raise and kick backwards without touching the ground. Keep back straight and avoid leaning or bending over. Once finished, place foot back into starting position Progress to an increased resistance band level
Monster walksa Place legs through band loops making sure they reach right above the knee. Grab the end of the resistance band and while maintaining a slight bend in the knees and hips, take 3 steps laterally while keeping back straight Progress to an increased resistance band level
Posture reseta Place each hand into CLX™ loop so that hands are one loop apart. Supinate open palms and have participant’s elbows at 90° with hands in front. Extend elbows and shoulder outward and retract shoulder blades Progress to an increased resistance band level
Abductor resistancea Place feet in the middle two loops of the resistance band. Have the participant grab handles of band and create an “X” behind their knees before pulling the band around the outside of their hips and cross their hands in front of their waist. With a slight bend in the participants’ knees, and maintaining balance, kick one leg out to the side and returning to the starting position. Repeat for opposite leg Progress to an increased resistance band level
Supermans While prone lying with arms and legs outstretch, slightly raise both arms and legs off the floor/table in unison Progress to alternating contralateral arms and legs
  1. aAdapted from TheraBand® CLX™ consecutive loops (