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Table 1 Key characteristics of the trial

From: Promoting deceased organ and tissue donation registration in family physician waiting rooms (RegisterNow-1 trial): study protocol for a pragmatic, stepped-wedge, cluster randomized controlled registry

Trial characteristics Definition
Cluster (unit of randomization) Family physician office (a total of 6)
Number of sequences (steps) 6 (one office per sequence)
Duration of trial 14 weeks
Number of measurement periods 7 (length of each period is 2 weeks)
Individuals Patients eligible to register for deceased organ donation and visiting a family physician at any time during the study
Timing of start of exposure Individuals are exposed in a continuous and gradual process as they present to their family physician offices
Duration of exposure All individuals are exposed for a short period during their visit to the physician office
Measurement Repeated measurements are taken from mostly different individuals in each period; it is possible that a very small proportion of individuals will have repeat visits to their family doctors but because no identifying information will be collected, such individuals will be included in the analysis as independent individuals
Total number of clinics (clusters) 6