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Table 3 Summary of PROMs used

From: SCORE-IT (Selecting Core Outcomes for Randomised Effectiveness trials In Type 2 diabetes): a systematic review of registered trials

  Diabetes satisfaction with treatment (DTSQ and DTSQc) SF-36 Diabetes distress scale Summary of diabetes self-care activities Diabetes self-care activities scale. 8 item Morisky Medication Adherence Scale Basic activities of daily living Cognitive Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale (Cog-IADL) Diabetes empowerment scale Diabetes Quality of Life (DQOL) EQ5-D Gastroparesis Cardinal Symptom Index Daily Diary (GCSI-DD) Global Clinical Dementia Rating HFS-11 worry scale Hospital anxiety and depression Hypoglycaemia patient questionnaire International physical activity questionnaire Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE) Montreal Cognitive Assessment scale [MoCA] Patient Health Questionnaire-2 Subjective Memory and Cognitive Complaint (SMCC) Well Being questionnaire Short Form (W-BQ12) WHO-5 PROMs measuring outcome (n)
  Trials using PROMs (n) 4 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  
Core domains Outcomes measured by PROM                         
Gastrointestinal outcomes Nausea/vomiting             X             1
Fullness/early satiety             X             1
Bloating             X             1
General outcomes Pain   X          X              2
General health   X                       1
Metabolism and nutrition outcomes Symptomatic hypoglycaemia                 X         1
Asymptomatic hypoglycaemia                 X         1
Physical functioning Mobility            X              1
Physical functioning   X                       1
Energy/fatigue   X                     X   2
Physical activity                  1        1
Activities of daily living        X X                 2
Usual activities            X              1
Social functioning Managing the psychosocial aspects of diabetes                         0
Quality of life – social/vocational concern           X               1
Social functioning   X        X                2
Quality of life – general interest                        X 1
Role functioning Role limitations due to physical health   X                       1
Role limitations due to emotional problem   X                       1
Emotional functioning/wellbeing Dissatisfaction and readiness to change          X                1
Setting and achieving goals          X                1
Emotional burden    X                      1
Regimen distress    X                      1
Interpersonal distress    X                      1
Physician distress    X                      1
Anxiety            X     X          2
Depression            X     X      X     3
Worries about diabetes           X               1
Emotional wellbeing   X                       1
Mood                        X 1
Vitality                        X 1
Negative wellbeing                       X   1
Positive wellbeing                       X   1
General well being                       X   1
Fear of hypoglycaemia – behaviour               X           1
Fear of hypoglycaemia – worry               X           1
Cognitive functioning Orientation              X      X X      3
Registration                   X       1
Attention and calculation                   X       1
Recall                   X       1
Language                   X X      2
Attention and concentration                    X      1
Executive function                    X      1
Memory              X       X      2
Visuo-constructional skills                    X      1
Conceptual thinking                    X      1
Calculations                    X      1
Judgement and problem solving              X            1
Community affairs              X            1
Home and hobbies              X            1
Personal care              X            1
Subjective memory                      X    1
Cognitive complaint                      X    1
Global quality of life Quality of life – life satisfaction           X               1
Quality of Life - diabetes impact           X               1
Perceived health status Perceived blood glucose control X                        1
Delivery of care Self-care activities – general diet     X X                    2
Self-care activities – specific diet     X X                    2
Self-care activities – medication taking     X                     1
Self-care activities – blood glucose testing     X X                    2
Self-care activities – exercise     X X                    2
Self-care activities – foot care     X X                    2
Self-care activities – smoking     X X                    2
Self-care – unspecified            X              1
Satisfaction with treatment X                        1
Patient knowledge of treatment for hypoglycaemia                X          1
Medication adherence       X                   1
Patient knowledge driving and hypoglycaemia                 X         1