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Table 1 Observation schedule (summary)

From: ‘We all want to succeed, but we’ve also got to be realistic about what is happening’: an ethnographic study of relationships in trial oversight and their impact

Topic Field notes
Data collection Date, location, observer
Pre-meeting Setting (including diagram of room layout) Arrivals (e.g. who arrives when, what order?) Pre-meeting talk (e.g. verbal and non-verbal communication)
Main meeting Start time, who starts/how? Organisation of meeting (e.g. role of Chair, agenda, hand-outs, atmosphere) Chair (e.g. manner of facilitating discussion, leadership style, management of tension/conflict, influence on decision-making) Content of discussion (e.g. issues raised, knowledge/information drawn upon, recommendations made) Group interactions and decision-making (e.g. concerns raised, individuals’ contributions and roles in discussion, verbal and non-verbal communication, decision-making) Mode of participation (e.g. via teleconference) Action points/tasks (e.g. what is to be done, by whom, by when?) Time interval to next meeting End time, length of meeting, who ends/how?
Post-meeting Interactions and behaviour (e.g. who leaves first, alone/together?) General impressions