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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of the participants in the EuroHYP-1 trial

From: Statistical analysis plan for the EuroHYP-1 trial: European multicentre, randomised, phase III clinical trial of the therapeutic hypothermia plus best medical treatment versus best medical treatment alone for acute ischaemic stroke

Baseline characteristics Intention-to-treat population Per protocol population
Intervention group Control group Intervention group Control group
- name of centre 1, N (%)     
- name of centre 2, N (%)
- name of centre 3, N (%)
- etc
Intention to perform thrombolysis, N (%)     
Surface cooling, N (%)     
Males, N (%)     
Stroke severity (NIHSS), mean (SD), N     
Age ≤ 65 years, N (%)     
Age, mean (SD), N     
Visible ischaemic lesion on brain imaging, N (%)     
Time since symptom onset, N ≤ 4 hours (%)     
  1. NIHSS National Institutes of Health Stroke Score, SD standard deviation